June 10, 2006

Breaking News continues to be the newest item on the site, now about 18 months old.  Andy and I continue our hiatus for now.  All other works can be viewed on the Recent Work page.  I just went through and updated a bunch of pages, so if you've seen stuff before you might want to tour through the site again.  Nothing is completely revamped but I included more background information on a lot of the movies as well as posting running times for each one, so you know what you're in for before you click.  I also updated some of the captions on the behind-the-scenes photos.

A reminder that all the movies are encoded in the Windows Media format, in low and high bandwidth versions.  Mac users... if you just click on the links, you may get a browser window full of garbage characters!  Right-click or option-click and save the file to your machine first, then open it in Windows Media Player for Mac.

Use the links to the left to check out what else is here.  Oh and by the way, the webcam is down for the count; I did not reinstall it in our new house.  Someday I'll get a camera hooked up out in the shop so you can watch what I'm working on out there.